This is the period that starts with the full understanding of the work. To understand the work fully is the keynote of being able to finish it fully.

Our customer representatives stand by the customer from the very beginning to the end. After being settled the road map of the work is taken into the computerized pert-cpm tables, including prepress period by the representatives and all units get informed about the episodes and the flow of the work by the “info stats” in detail. This makes the units cohere and put them in a harmony.

Prepress team is of extremely efficient Macintosh operators with their licensed programs of Adobe Photoshop 6/CS1/CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS1, Adobe Indesign CS1, Quark Express 1/4/6, Freehand 8/9/11 and Suitcase 11, etc.

Photographs to be printed, are checked and needed color optimizations are performed in the screens that are calibrated according to CCI profile protocols. The results are then printed for proof reading digitally in Epson Stylus Pro 7600 Archive Print System, calibrated by Best Color Management XXL System to fit our printing equipment. After needed color balance fittings the work is presented to the customer as a colored blueprint to get the confirmation. The confirmation of the customer fuses the Fuji Luxell 9600 CTP System to produce molds. This leads the press (printing) period.


Pressing episode is the work handled by fully professional and talented young employees. This step of pressing proves the code of the certain international press standards with essential hardware for calibrations and other technical issues.

The environment in where the press progress runs is a carefully conditioned and sealed room. The temperature in this room is kept always between 24 C and 26 C degrees with 45-55% humidity ratio. Before any printing, the paper is taken into this environment and kept for sometime for acclimatization.


The book binding bench of our premises is donned with both sophisticated machinery and equipment and experienced staff. In our folding, rope binding, 8 stationery wire binding, 13 stationary hot paper backing, A1 scale swarming, 2 standard blades and A2 scale special blade stations, we perform automated binding and special hand made binding with high standards. Packing and logistic support are the services our work includes.

A4 Ofset Workflow

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