A4 Ofset has now been awarded the gold and the bronze medals in the competition of “The European Printers of the Year”, organized by the world leading paper producer SAPPI. Having pinned its place for the past four years among finalists, A4 Ofset had also been awarded silver and bronze medals for its printing works in recent years. The medals, presented this year, proved and announced the perpetuation of the success of A4 Ofset throughout Europe. SAPPI rewards A4 Ofset with the gold medal in Catalogue category and the bronze medal in General Print category, among 717 competitors of 34 countries. A4 Ofset receives the awards in the ceremony held on 31st of May in Hamburg.

Sappi 'European Printers of The Year' Awards Ceremony..

Sappi ‘European Printers of The Year’ Awards. Ceremony

3 June 2008, A4 Ofset Public Relations, Istanbul |  A4 Ofset has now been awarded the gold and the bronze medals in the competition of “The European Printers of The Year”, organized by the world leading paper producer SAPPI. On 31st May 2008 night, in the ceremony, in Hamburg, The gold medal came to A4 Ofset in the category of “Catalogue”. A4 Ofset was also awarded the bronze medal in the same ceremony for its works in the category of “General print”.

Winning the prize in the International SAPPI Awards, A4 Ofset has now proved the sky rocketing quality development of Turkey in printing era once again.

Having rightly deserved reputation of the Oscars of printing, The SAPPI Awards, find their owners in nine different categories. This year, 717 printing houses of 34 countries presented 1500 splendid pieces to compete in these categories.

The work that brought the Gold Medal to A4 Ofset in the Category of Catalogue represents the independent inspiration of the designers of Zebra Design Factory. The catalogue gained its title from the standard paper size of letter and was produced not to serve for a promotion or presentation but to be another shovel to the age of imagination and another ring into the chain of revaluation in designing.

The President of the awarding jury determined that the verdict was by the complete decisions of the jurors. He also determined that besides the offset printing techniques, the perfect application and creatively connectional use of the separate techniques of  laser cut, silk screen printing, foil printing, UV varnish, die cut, aqua varnish, PUR binding etc in the works had well deserved eulogy.

The Bronze medal of A4 Ofset in the category of the “General Print” was for the Christmas Card of IKEA, designed by Wunderman, Istanbul. The card, designed as a thin box found in a standard IKEA package turns out to be a lamb shade when the small knob is turned on. The President of the jury commended that not alone had the piece highlighted a funny and genuine work but it also had carried outstanding techniques with the applications of the LED, electronic contraptions and paper therefore the jury had decided for the award.

Being the Gold Medalist of the Europe, A4 Ofset has now been on its way to Cape Town for the vast competition of the World’s Printers of The Year in where the bests of the other compete for the awards.

South Africa hosts the Gold Medalists of the Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa in the ceremony in October 2008.